Nikki-Kate Heyes MBE CEO of SoundLincs, Lincolnshire Music Development Agency
“Dan has worked for soundLINCS on many occasions, both as a composer and as a music facilitator and  his work is always first-class.
His accessible approach and totally inspiring music writing has led us to commissioning Dan on a number of times  for various groups and combinations of players. Including Rock groups -Laugh Out Loud  and B15 – jazz big band and a full orchestra -Space – which was performed  in Lincoln Cathedral.
As a music facilitator Dan has excellent communication skill whether working with mature musicians, total beginners, young or old.  As a musician his playing and improvisation skills are both dexterous and eclectic displaying virtuosity and imagination. “
Lewis Timimi
Dan has been my guitar teacher for the last seven years. Over those seven years, his support and guidance has been invaluable and helped me through my GCSE Music course and my Grade 8 examination. His breadth of musical knowledge meant that he was always able to answer my questions and I could always trust what he told me. He is friendly and approachable, so I felt comfortable asking for the help that I needed whenever I had a problem. Not only is Dan an excellent and very competent teacher, he is also easy to get along with and good company, which makes sure lessons with him are always enjoyable.
Thank you for the last seven years Dan!
Thanks again,
Linka ‘Dan is a shining light’ 
Krysia ‘ Dan is very patient and encouraging’
Ela-Lenka ‘I always feel prepared for exams. Dan is cool’
Rich  ‘Dan is a very kindhearted, skilful and patient teacher. My daughters have progressed so much under his tuition’
Dave Martin (Guitar teacher and rock virtuoso)
“Dan McCaughern is by far one of the finest music educators in and around Lincoln. His lessons are very well presented and makes you feel welcome, and his sense of humour is absolutely brilliant.”
“Without Dan’s help, who got me through my Grade 8, I wouldn’t be the musician I am today”.
“Ever since I took lessons with him, my knowledge on music theory and my sight reading and transcribing skills have expanded, and I couldn’t be any more thankful to know such a great musician and friend.”